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3021RC Rotterdam
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VATnumber: NL808643538B01

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: 24261439

Atelier Sjoerd Didden bv

Design and rental of wigs for theatre, film, television en photografy



Handmade, lacefront, real hair wigs and hairpieces.

Beards, goatees, moustaches, sideburns, whiskers, imperial partial beards, mutton chops, Franz-Josef, Musketeers, Soul patches, chest hair, pubic hair (?!), combovers, fringes, weaves, hair extentions etc. From stock or made to order.

Special wigs: Allonge and Rococo wigs made from buffalo or human hair, horse hair wigs and authentic wigs for judges or lawyers.

Wiggies: In the Dutch language we use the term "wiggies" for prefabricated machine-made wigs, from real hair or from synthetic fibers, usually one-size-fits-all without lace front. In some cases an "unnatural" effect can be intended, for those cases have ample "wiggies" for rent.

Materials and tools for rent: Linen heads, table stands, wig boxes, travel make-up mirrors etc.

Materials for sale: Wig caps, spirit gum, bald caps, springs, toupet clasps etc.


We rent out wigs for theatre, film, television and photography, mainly to make-up artists and beauticians (special) make-up artists, as well as to film-and television producers and theatre companies.

Working with lace front theatre wigs requires a special skill you must master. When hiring "real" theater wigs, one needs to be an experienced hair and make-up artist.  However, everything can be learned. In case you think you might need some additional training, please feel free to contact us.

Sorry: Our product is not suitable for everyday use by private people. Do you require a wig to wear in everyday life, we refer you to in Rotterdam, NL.


Renting wigs

Atelier Sjoerd Didden is a rental company. We seldom sell wigs. For usage in theatre, film, television en photography wigs are usually needed for a restricted period of time, variying from one day to one or more (theatre) seasons. Therefor renting is nearly allways more economical than buying.

Our stock of handmade wigs has grown to be the largest of Europe. We own over 12.500 immedeately deliverable wigs.

Renting from stock

You are welcome to make an appointment to choose the wigs you like to rent yourself. Are you a make-up hair artist (m/f)? Make sure you know the head sizes of your actors (m/f). Or even better: bring the actors along to our workshop in Rotterdam for a fitting session. Fitting sessions at our workshop are by appointment only. Please call or email us in advance.

Did you find the right wigs for a certain role or charachter, and do you expect you will be needing it again in the near future? We are allways willing to reserve a wig for you. Upon returning the wigs, please mention this specifically, we will keep the wig aside for you.

Allthough selecting you own wigs is preferable, situations can emerge during filming or rehearsing, when you are not able to visit our workshop in person. In these cases we can ship a selection of wigs to you.

It is enormously helpfull, when you describe clearly what kind of wig you are looking for. Besides the head size, we need as much info as possible, like photo's, color samples, descriptions of the hair quality, styling, etc Please Google some pictures as examples, to help us make the right choice for you from our stock of 12,500 pieces.

Ordering newly made wigs

We do make wigs to measurements of the actor/singer dancer/model (m/f) who will wear the wig. We can start making a wig once we have measured the head size. We do this by fitting a prepared lace foundation. The fitting is done by appointment in Rotterdam. To make a wig by hand, we need six to eight weeks after we fitted the foundation.

We produce a customised wig for the price of one rental season. On short notice, it is possible only to hire stock wigs. When renting less than 10 days, it is more economically to rent a stock wig.


Atelier Sjoerd Didden is a rental company. We seel wig s only occasionally. Price on request, from €1500,– excl. VAT. We rent out tailor made new wigs as well, however per season/year only. Wigs from stock can be rented per day or per year.

Renting from stock

With day's rent one rents a wig etc. per 1 to 10 days. In case you rent a wig for longer than 10 days, the wig, etc. can be used for one year/ season. We only charge the days of actual use.

Tailor made wigs

In case we tailor make a wig on request for you, you need to rent it for the price of 10 days, that is one season/year.

However, making a wig by hand to measurements, we need, six to eight weeks.

Download the pricelist.

We send invoices per email.We can supply a ‘Verklaring Uitvoerenden & Leveranciers’ for you, to apply for the Stimuleringsmaatregel Filmproductie in Nederland of the Nederlandse Filmfonds.

Atelier Sjoerd Didden b.v. is registered in Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce with number 24261439, our VAT-number is 808643538B01

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Atelier Sjoerd Didden was founded in 1984 by Sjoerd Didden (1961-2015). His company has grown to be the largest wig rental company in Europe. We thank the people that worked here over the years.

Co-workers 2019

Gies van de Kamp (directie), Tamar de Kemp, Saskia Maas, Marichu Panes,  Jason Verweij, Evelien Zonneveld.

Co-workers 1984-2018

Remie Bakker, Krista Bruijsten, Maria Duarte, Geerline Didden, Marieke van den Dolder, Japke Englebert, Xander Forterie, Adinda Fransman, Sebastiaan van der Ham, Olga van Helsdingen, Mariel Hoevenaars, Marjon Hoogendoorn, Marike Hoogveld, Selene Lentjes, Cynthia van der Linden, Leo Maliepaard, Roy Manukiley, Harold Mertens, Nienke Mijnster, Leendert van Nimwegen, Pilo Pilkes, Mike Redman, Gerda Roest, Hanneke van Roon, Bärbel Scheid, Floris Schuller, Leonie Schuurmans, Marije Scova Righini, Frouke Snijders, Wouter Somers, Lida van Straaten, Bianca van der Steen, Leny Teulings-Buchter, Jacqueline Vogel, Hennesien van Walderveen, Marjolein Wildschut, Roxane Zandijk.

Many thanks to: Freek van Duijn, FinAmi; René Boot, Martin Oudenaarden.